Why Attend?

CoInnovateCS 2020

Collaboration & Innovation

CoInnovateCS provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with experts in compound semiconductor manufacturing.

CoInnovateCS is an intense and interactive one-day event fostering collaboration and innovation across the compound semiconductor supply chain by exploring industry-led, next-generation challenges and opportunities.

Interaction & Connection

CoInnovateCS is more than a technical conference or a keynote speech: it is an opportunity to discuss the key challenges facing the compound semiconductor industry as new markets emerge. What do we need? How do we get there? How can I participate?

CoInnovateCS provides a forum for networking and connecting with companies, technologists and thought leaders. Only at CoInnovateCS will you find a group that is willing to take on industry-wide challenges. You will have an opportunity to showcase your technology, products and business and maybe find your next development partner.

Market Focused

CoInnovateCS will focus on exploding markets that will shape communications and connectivity over the next decade

CoInnovateCS delivers an agenda of engaging talks and interactive panels where we will explore four main markets in depth: Sensing, 5G Wireless, Silicon Photonics, Photovoltaics and Power Electronics.

CoInnovateCS is the place to hear from and to collaborate with market leaders during the CoSynergy workshop where we will showcase marketdriven challenges and opportunities across the compound semiconductor supply chain. 

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