Sam Evans, Newport Wafer Fab

Sam Evans, Newport Wafer Fab


Sam joined the business, then known as INMOS, in 1984 as a process engineer. He is a quality and business excellence professional. A Senior Director with over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor sector.

Sam developed Newport’s management systems based on IATF16494, EFQM and other customer best practise models. He has facilitated the site strategic business plan through the use of McKinsey and Hoshin techniques. He also assisted the leadership team to transform Newport into a 100% On-time Delivery, Zero Defects operation. In addition, Sam acts as the main external business officer working closely with the CS Connected community, Welsh and UK Government.

Sam graduated from Cardiff University in 1982 with an Honours Degree in Chemistry, joining INMOS after completing a Research Masters in Thermodynamics.

At Newport Wafer Fab, we have over 30 years of experience of fabricating world class, high end silicon devices.

We provide a manufacturing service, which enables our customers to succeed in their fields of expertise. With a fast and agile ‘semiconductor production’ service for the CS cluster and the wider foundry market, Newport Wafer Fab is a high volume 200mm wafer fab. Our production capacity provides capability from 0.18µm and above. We have a complete tool line, advanced process controls and a highly skilled, experienced team.