Noren Pan, MicroLink Devices Inc

Noren Pan, MicroLink Devices Inc


Dr. Pan has served as President of MicroLink Devices since May 2000.  After founding MicroLink Devices, Dr. Pan established Mitsubishi Electric, Agilent Technologies, and GCS as key customers.  Dr. Pan led the company to profitability in 2005 and continues to build significant value around MicroLink’s core competence in epitaxial wafer manufacturing for HBTs and epitaxial lift off solar cells.  He is responsible for the development of novel processes and device structures for improvements in microwave and solar cell device performance.

Dr. Pan’s current work centers on the advancement of high efficiency solar cells for low altitude and stratospheric flight.  He led efforts at MicroLink to establish a production infrastructure of ELO high efficiency solar cells, which led to the successful Zephyr flight of 26 continuous days in July 2018.

MicroLink Devices was founded in May 2000 by Dr. Noren Pan. The company’s core competence is the metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) growth of semiconductor materials that are used in the manufacturing of epitaxial lift off of solar cells and heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs),

MicroLink Devices’ corporate headquarters is located in Niles, a northern suburb of Chicago. This 30,000 square foot facility comprises a custom-designed manufacturing facility, 3,000 square foot clean room, laboratory, and office space. Solar cell fabrication and processing work are carried out in the Niles facility, which houses laboratories for material growth, material characterization, and device fabrication