Michael Lebby, Lightwave Logic

Michael Lebby, Lightwave Logic


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Michael S. Lebby (born 1961, London, UK) is an Anglo-American entrepreneur and intrapreneur in the fields of optoelectronics/photonics electronics and semiconductors. He holds over 450 issued international patents in photonics and electronics, that have been derived from over 200 issued USPTO utility patents. He has been cited by the USPTO to be in the most prolific 75 inventors in USA from 1988-1997.  He is an accomplished technical expert witness with over 60 IP/litigation cases, 10 trials, 30 depositions, and many expert reports/declarations.

Dr. Lebby worked at AT&T Bell Labs (1985-1989) in photonics, and co-invented the first oxide VCSEL diode laser at Motorola in the 1990s (which is now used in laser mice, 3D sensing/FaceID in mobile phones, optical interconnects; where volumes of the laser are over 1B units today). From 2005-2010 he led the USA trade association in optoelectronics (OIDA) and represented optoelectronics industry on Capitol Hill.  He has run technical start-ups and currently is CEO of Lightwave Logic (LWLG:OTCQB). He is currently a technical expert to the European Commission.  He is a Fellow member of IEEE and OSA, and has been a member of the London Guild of Spectacle Makers.

Lightwave Logic, Inc. develops photonic components based on its own organic electro-optic polymer materials systems. Electro-optic polymers possess inherent advantages of speed and power consumption over crystalline materials used in current modulator devices. The company currently has development activities to address advanced telecommunication and data center markets.  By developing the materials, modulator devices and packages together in-house the company can do joint optimization for performance, cost and robustness.  Its P2IC™ (Polymer Photonic Integrated Circuit) technology is compatible with semiconductor processes for hybrid integration. Lightwave Logic’s development and fabrication facility is in Englewood, CO.