John Wood, Wolfspeed

John Wood, Wolfspeed

John Wood has extensive knowledge and broad R&D experience in microwave engineering, from transistor design & modeling to system architecture, from RF to mmWave frequencies, including software & hardware, design and simulation. He has worked in academia and in the communications and instrumentation industries, at Freescale Semiconductor, Agilent Microwave Technology Center, Maxim Integrated, and now with Wolfspeed, A Cree Company.

Dr Wood is an acknowledged expert in the field of nonlinear modeling, creating world-class transistor models used in the design of RF power amplifier products for cellular wireless, and for MMICs used in state-of-the-art microwave & mmWave instrumentation. He has developed nonlinear behavioral models used in microwave module and system design for microwave instrumentation, and for digital pre-distortion (DPD) systems used for high-power RF amplifiers.

Dr Wood is a Fellow of the IEEE, author of 3 books, 150 articles & presentations, and holds 3 patents. He is an active volunteer for IEEE MTT Society: he was recently the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Microwave Magazine, and a Distinguished Microwave Lecturer; he is a member of Technical Committees MTT-1 (CAD) and MTT-5 (High Power); he participates in conference organization & on technical program committees for IMS, RWS, ARFTG, CSICS. He has organized and presented at several workshops at these conferences in recent years.

Skills and expertise include:

  • Microwave measurement experience using VNAs, Spectrum/Signal Analyzers, pulsed I-V/S-parameters, high-power RF.
  • System-level modeling of RFICs, nonlinear behavioral modeling of circuits and systems, and development of DPD systems, algorithms, and hardware.
  • Microwave device modeling: FET/HEMT, HBT, diode model creation and parameter extraction.
  • Device and MMIC technology development and characterization in III-V and Si semiconductors.
  • CAD & mathematical skills with ADS, VSS, MATLAB; EM software experience including Sonnet, HFSS.